Craig Panosh - Drums

 Craig Panosh was our drummer in 1997 and 1998.  In 1999 he left to tour with  Bernard Allison and later with Bryan Lee.  His brother Spencer was our drummer for  11 years.  Now after 18 years he returns to the drum throne and brings a family  history of percussion to the show.  

 Craig is a third generation musician from the legendary Panosh family dynasty, who’s  roots run deep though out the history of American music. A family with lineage dating  back to the big band era (Grandfather Emery Sr.) of the 30’s-40’s & (Father Gino)  Chess Records of the late 50’s-60’s respectfully. Craig is widely known for his work  around the world with Bernard Allison, Bryan Lee, and The Ken Saydak Band.

 Over the years within the music industry, Craig has accepted numerous  drumming/percussion awards, and has been featured in Modern Drummer magazine.  Here are a few quotes from other articles.

 “The consummate professional” 

  “Not only technically skilled but also withholds the deep pocket with power and  dynamics”.

 “One of Wisconsin’s very own treasures”

 He has recorded at the BBC in London, and performed on VOA (Voice Of American)  live to US, Asia, Africa, and the Mideast. Craig has enjoyed a career of supporting  some of the finest artists on tour today, and has traveled to more then 10 countries  playing some of the worlds largest music venues and festivals. While not touring Craig  also enjoys performing with his own project Drumapalooza The Band, which also  includes his brother/drummer Spencer.

 Craig can be found on these DVD’s:

 Bernard Allison – Kentucky Fried Blues

 Bryan Lee – Live And Dangerous

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