"This is mighty fine blues with that feel-so-good Slow Burn, just as the title says. Highly recommended" - Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue

"The interplay between Raven's fiery guitar and Cadillac Pete's luminescent harp playing can be breathtaking." Something else to remember Milwaukee by besides, beer, brats and bad baseball teams." - Blues Access Magazine

"This is one of the most seasoned bands that I have had the pleasure to hear in a damn long time. This CD "Slow Burn" is a must have, a 6 1/2 harp salute." - Steve Harvell, Bluzharp Magazine (Jan 21, 2005)

"Put it on my stereo and thought this has to be a live performance. I've never heard a studio CD capture the magic of a hot live performance like this" - Larry Eisenberg - S.P.A.H

"Slow Burn is a killer song" - KUMD Blues Radio, Superior, Wl

"Klasse" - Blues News Germany

"Slow Burn is my Harp CD of the Year 2OOO" - Steve Harvell, Bluzharp Magazine (Jan 21, 2005)

"Thank you very much for that outstanding CD! Great music on it - a mind-blowing harp and a drivin' rhythm. I'm sure, my listeners will like that music. As usuall, I'll send a playlist any time, I use the CD." Thanks again and take care, Erhard Albrecht, Blues Power Radio-Germany

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